Links to other interesting websites

Check out these other rocketry websites from around the world! Use the contact page if you'd like your rocket site to be listed here. Sites are not listed in any particular order.

Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry

My goal in producing this web site is to share experiences, ideas and technical details of Amateur Experimental Rocketry with others around the world who have a similar interest. It is also my dream to help inspire a future generation of rocket engineers and scientists who will some day take us to Mars and beyond...

Great article on accelerometer applications
Thanks to Joseph and Randy!

Recrystallized Rocketry

Jimmy Yawn's experimental rocketry in Florida.

Iowa Amateur Rocketry Group

Amateur rocketry in Iowa.

Trailer Trash Aerospace

Trailer trash aerospace is a group of high-power and experimental rocket enthusiasts in the desert southwest building magnificent things with the thinnest of resources.

Pyro Systems

This site is describing my hobby for the past 21 years. Instead of making more and more pages I have decided to make a couple of pages that will contain the PDF files I will prepare, as well as movies

The Pegas

It started off as the website for one single rocket project, but we are now continuing our work to bigger rockets. It is also the first Albanian rocket group.

Cowboy Rocket

It’s just a fun little ramble of me carrying on. Who knows, someday it may turn into something.

I Build Rockets

Lots of rocketry related stuff here - scratch built rockets, rockets fitted with video cameras and some odd rockets, too. Unfortunately due to local laws, there's little in the way of experimental rocketry.

Altus Metrum

Open Source avionics / radio / GPS designs for rockets, home of TeleMetrum.

Arizona Rocket Consortium

We are a group of people who like to fly all kinds of rockets. But we also do a lot of education and mentoring.  We also go to the local fairs to expand the sport. Go to the site and read the recent article the Phoenix magazine published. 

Up North Con

Dedicated to all of the tests I do for my annual week of rocketry up north in Michigan!