Let’s build a rocket!

Inverse Engineering is all about amateur rocketry.  Webster’s online dictionary defines an amateur as someone who engages in a pursuit, study or science as a pastime rather than a profession.  That about sums it up for us, we’re all about having fun and although we’re serious about how to build rockets, we just go about doing it a different way.  That’s the inverse part of inverse engineering. We’re no NASA; we’d have a much better website if we were.

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Rocket projects in Southern California

We’re located in Southern California where we have lots of sunny days and warm weather, perfect for flying rockets! We’re close to a huge expanse of desert that makes flying rockets and testing engines easy and safe.

How to make rockets better every time

We’re all about learning from our mistakes, digging through the pieces to find out why something didn’t work as expected.  Mulling over concepts that might make it work better next time and drawing designs on napkins over lunch. Tacos and beer seem to work especially well.

How to build rocket motors with low tech methods

Nearly all the PVC rocket engines we build are from scratch. Almost all the materials we use to make rocket engines are commonly available at hardware stores and home centers.  The tools we use most people have in their garage. We’re on a limited budget so cost is major consideration when selecting materials. We don’t know how to use a lathe and we’ve never written a single line of code. We’re probably the most ignorant rocket scientists ever. Still, we have a lot of rocket projects and fly a lot of rockets.

Join us!

There’s nothing like building homemade rocket engines yourself and it’s even better when you have friends to share it with. This site is dedicated to the work we do and the people who do work like us. Check out our latest rocket video or even submit your own. It’s all about what we build and the process of getting there.